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Laura can take her Lady-Dog everywhere
and Lola
loves to be there.


How Thundershirt Works
Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure
is a terrific solution for many types of anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.

Make your dog a Thunderdog… Calm & Fearless

Product Description
Recommended for cats and small dogs 15 lbs and under.
Cordless and quiet 3.6 v filer with safe auto-stop feature.
Great for small pets and sharp edge touchups.
The Peticure Petite includes the Peticure Safeguard.
Peticure is a revolutionary professional grooming tool
that completely removes the fear of harming your pet and converts pet parents who were once terrified of the dog nail clippers to be empowered with confidence. When you are confident, your pet will respond with the calmness that we have seen time and time again. The Peticure Petite is recommended for cats and small dogs 15 lbs. and under. Cordless and quiet 3.6 v filer with safe auto-stop feature. Great for small pets and sharp edge touch ups.
Product Description
We recommend that you change the filing band on your Peticure periodically to keep it
running smoothly. Filing bands wear with the use, so you'll want tohave at least one box of
extra bands on hand.  
As you know the secret to Peticure incredible success is the revolutionaryfiling head. The
Peticure rotating head is equipped with a replaceable emery band which gently but
effectively files your pets nail. The 10 professional quality emery bands are specifically 
designed and engineered for the Peticure.
Revolutionary no-mess, no-pain nailtrimmer for both dogs and cats .
Precision emery filing wheel gentlyremoves thin layers of nail.Appropriate for dogs and cats of any ageor size. Requires 2  batteries (sold separately). Unique protective cap contains clippedfilings to prevent mess.
Medium Pet Toys Type: Balls, Fetch Toys
Combining two of a dog's favorites, tennis material andsqueakers,
Kong has made the ultimate line of dog fetch toys. Just like a tennis
ball but better, these toys are durable and squeak when squeezed or


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A fully-illustrated, 117-Page Dog Grooming Guide
for Every Dog Breed - Unveil tips & advice from
experienced Dog Groomers within the next 5 minutes...
"Grooming Your Dog At Home - The Ultimate Guide"
not only contains tips and secrets that will make the
experience of grooming your dog pleasurable and
hassle-free, it puts together a plethora of grooming
information on different dog breeds.
With "Grooming Your Dog At Home" in your hands, you
can become a pro yourself.
No more trips to the expensive salons, spas or even
contacting a professional groomer every month.

A New Free Course on Dog Grooming Reveals the Secret
Step-by-Step Techniques
used by the best Dog Groomers in the country!

Finally, You Can Now Groom your Dog on your own at home
without having to hire an expensive groomer!
See our house training ebooks:

  • Find out your Dog's daily energy requirement
  • Calculate the number of cups of food you should be feeding your dog every day

Step I - Choose Your Dog’s Weight And Age
Select Your Dog's Weight
Select Your Dog's Age


"Finally, You Can Discover ALL
The Secrets Of The Bichon Frise!"
Revealed Right Here For You  
"Insiders Guide
To A Happy,
& Well Behaved
Bichon Frise"
All You need to know aboutYour Dog's Diet and Nutrition


Commercial Dog Food: The Equivalent of a Lifetime of Fast Food

Let's say you do find a bag of kibble without any harmful additives-does it really give your dog the nutrition it needs? The pet food companies would like for us to think so, wouldn't they? In fact, both pet food companies and vets alike spent much of the 2007 recall talking about how dangerous it is to cook for your dog, since only commercial diets are “complete and balanced.”
However, by its very nature, commercial dog food is extremely processed. It has to be to
have a long shelf life. And most of it is made with nutritionally worthless fillers and packed with starches to make your dog feel full. It's like the equivalent of meals at a fast food restaurant. Sure, it's cheap, filling and good for a quick meal, but what would happen if
you ate nothing but fast food, day in and day out, for the rest of your life?
Know the facts about commercial dog food. Read
"Dog Food For Life."

"You Don't Have to Leave Everything to Your Vet & Stand By Feeling Helpless While Your Dog Dies From Cancer! You Can Personally Make a Huge Difference Beginning Today..

We Show You Exactly How"

Here's just some of what you will
discover in the Complete 7 Day
Potty Training Guide.
Immediately end the frustration and stress
of dealing with "accidents"!

Are You Sick & Tired of Your Puppy's
Dirty Habit of Messing
on Your Floor, Sofas, Rugs & Walls?
Do you wish that there was a simple way of
house training a puppy quickly and easily?
Presenting a Free Course on Potty Training PuppiesThat Will Put an
End To All The "Messy Nuisance" Your Pet Makes Once and for All...


Want To Own A Well-Trained, Obedient, Healthy, Fully Housebroken, Disciplined & Happy Pet Dog?

Introducing Hands-off Dog Training Secrets and Information
With Fast, Effective Results That Save Hours Of Your Time
Every Week!!


"At Last...The Ultimate Guide to
Taking Care of Your Chihuahua
Has Finally Arrived!"
Immediately learn the best kept secrets to proper Chihuahua
care in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.
Discover simple health tips that could potentially save your
Chihuahua's life in an emergency (a must have for any 
Chihuahua owner)!
It also contains valuable information for new Chihuahua buyers 
and breeders.

Dog Training
With Sit Stay

Thanks to this powerful insider information, over 62,142 dog owners worldwide have been
successful with their dog training, and solved their dog’s behavior problems.
Dog Obedience Training Secrets to STOP Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!
 "Put an End to the Stress and Annoyance of Your Dog Behavior Problems! ...AND Slash Your Dog
Obedience Training Time in Half by Using Techniques That Give You Immediate Results!!"

 Want To Learn the A To Z of Dog Training and Care?

Discover An Amazing Training System Designed for Dogs that will
turn your dog into aCompletely Obedient, Disciplined,
Trained&Well-Behaved Pet in 15 Days or Less!


World Reknown Animal Behaviorist And Radio Talk Show
Hosy, Dr. Dennis Fetko, Dr. Dog Reveals His Proven Dog Training Methods.  Stop Barking, Fighting, Biting, 
Chewing, Digging, Soiling, Jumping, Pulling And 
More--with No Jerking, Clicking, Or Squirting!


Congratulations! You have decided to adopt a dog or puppy. Now you have some other
decisions to make. What size dog is best? Will a dog fit your lifestyle?
Perhaps you are not sure if you want to adopt a dog or not. Or, maybe someone in your
family wants a dog but others do not think a dog is a good idea. How will you decide what
to do?
These questions and many more are answered in our Free Course on Dog Adoption.

Introducing PeeAway! The first of its kind formula recipe used to prevent pets 
from urinating where they are not welcome and to help eliminate smelly urine odors.  PeeAway! is a simple recipe that you make yourself from ingredients commonly found around your house!

How to prevent your Cat from destructive attention
seeking behavior
How to get your Cat to toilet in the correct place
What to do to overcome separation anxiety

  • Selecting the right kitten for you
  • Stopping scratch and spraying
  • Overcoming aggressive tendencies

I never even thought about training my cat to do
tricks and obedience work. He’s spent his life thus
far as a happy free-loader, accepting food and
cuddles from me in exchange for …. well, not that much, actually.
Until, that is, I dropped round to visit a new acquaintance recently, where I
watched, stunned (and, I’ll admit, more than a little envious) as she got
her cat perform what seemed to me to be an entire circus’ worth of
acrobatics: rolling over, playing dead, shaking hands, even playing fetch.
“Right,” I thought to myself, “That’s it! If her cat can do it, then mine can,
too!” …
Order "Complete Cat Training: Cat Training To Stop
Your Cat's Behavior Problems!"
"Complete Cat Training", pack with everything you'll 
need to know about training your cat. 
"The Essential Cat Recipe Book" all the tip you need  to prepare tasty and healthy treats and main meals for   their cats.
"The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Cat" with the best ways to pamper and treat your furry friend uncovered. 
A FREE Personal Email Consultation specifically about your cat's problems.
No-Risk 56 Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee
AND a Discount Off the Regular Price...

11 Renegade Kittens Meet Their Match And Discover The Secrets Of Cats Who Behave.
You, Your Cat, The Kids, And Even Fido
The Dog Can Live Happily Together
Under One Roof.
A Quick and Easy, Step-By-Step Guide
That Reveals The Secrets To A
Well-Behaved Cat.

"So You Want Your Ragdoll
Cats To Be Happy, Healthy,
& Well Behaved?" Here Are Breed Specific Tips For Your Ragdoll Catsby Ben Harper, Author of "Ragdoll Cat Secrets"

Pet Care Professional
Reveals Tried And Tested Techniques To Ensure Your
Kitten Becomes A Strong &

Good news for Siamese cat lovers 
Finally! Closely guarded secrets to happy,
healthy Siamese cats revealed…
"REVEALED: The Scientific 
Secrets Of Leading
Siamese Cat Breeders!"

  • Problems such as White Spot, Velvet and Fin Rot in
  • your tropical fish, saving on vet bills and possible
  • heart-ache?
  • Are you having problems with water discoloration and
  • getting your water quality right?
  • Are Ammonia Nitrate and Nitrate levels, fluctuating pH
  • levels and General Algae problems plaguing your
  • aquarium?
  • Are your tropical fish looking unwell, plants dying or
  • fouling up your aquarium?
  • Are you worried that your tropical fish are unhappy or
  • stressed?
  • Are you looking to add more tropical fish but are
  • concerned about fish compatibility?
  • Are you new to tropical fish keeping and are looking for all the information you
  • need to know to get safely started?

To learn this and more,CLICK HERE


Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Fish And Invertebrates.  The
Ultimate Guide To Keeping Happy, healthy Marine Life (Fish, Corals And Other Invertebrates) And How To Optimally Set Up A Saltwater Aquarium And Maintain A Pristine Environment For Your Pets.
Includes "How To Make Money From Your Aquarium" Bonus Items.

"Top Pet Rat Expert Reveals Little-Known Secrets About
Ratties Amazing Facts And Breakthrough Discoveries You
Can't Live Without!"
                                            - By Colin Patterson
Discover the closely-guarded pet rat care secrets of a 27-year
rat breeder from New England...
"My complete system will have your ratties trusting
you as their close friend, doing neat tricks that impress your friends, and living as long as
possible. Even if you're almost never home, you're a
total beginner, and you don't have time to read through volumes of time consuming material!"


"How To Double Your Ferret's Lifespan...
End All Biting, Stinking, And Pooping Problems... And Make Your Ferret The Happiest Pet In The World!"

"Top Ferret Expert Reveals The Little-Known Secrets About Ferrets -- Amazing Facts And Breakthrough Discoveries You Can't Live

These are the Parrot "secrets" pet stores
don't want you to

"Who Else Wants to Quickly and
Easily Have the Perfect Parrot:
Healthy, Happy, and Thriving For
Years to Come?"

Finally a Bird Book That Gives You All You Need To Know To Take Care Of Your
Pet Bird or Aviary
Dr. Joel Murphy, one of the foremost avian veterinarians, did an exhaustive worldwide
search of all medical and husbandry of exotic pet birds in the last 40 years and added 21
years of clinical practice in one of the world's leading exotic bird veterinary centers, The
Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor.
The result was the most comprehensive book ever written for the pet bird owner, How To
Care For Your Pet Bird, Practical Advice by Dr. Joel Murphy  Click Here